Love My Pillow Pets
Online training for dogs (and owners). Training.
Love My Pillow Pets is an innovative company specializing in online training for dogs and their owners. We offer not just animal training, but a whole comprehensive approach that allows us to achieve harmony and understanding between the pet and its owner.

Our team of professional trainers have extensive experience working with a wide variety of dog breeds and behavioral traits. We take into account the individual needs of each animal and develop personalized training programs that take into account its temperament, age and level of training.

We believe that dog training should not only be effective, but also fun and exciting. Therefore, our classes are filled with positive energy, games and encouragement. We help dogs reach their potential and become obedient and happy pets, and their owners learn how to properly raise and interact with their four-legged friends.
Our services
  • One-on-one online dog training sessions: This service includes one-on-one dog training sessions where an experienced trainer will work directly with your pet and guide you as the owner through the learning process. We will tailor the program to your needs and take into account your dog's characteristics to achieve maximum results.

  • Online group classes: For those who prefer to train in a group, we have special online classes where dogs can communicate, learn with their fellow dogs and, under the guidance of a professional trainer, overcome difficulties in the training process.

  • Webinars and educational courses: We offer a wide selection of webinars and educational courses on dog training, behavioral psychology, proper care and education of pets. With these courses you can deepen your knowledge and skills in communicating with your four-legged friend.

  • Advice and Support: Our company also provides advice and support from our experienced dog training experts. We are always ready to help you with any questions or problems related to the behavior and training of your pet, to make your life with your dog simple and enjoyable.
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