The needs of dogs are almost similar to the needs of a human being. For a dog to be healthy, he has to eat good food, he needs clean water, he needs regular exercises, he needs daily supplements, he needs love and attention. Above all, your dog needs a proper preventive medicine program to keep at bay the risk of contracting various illnesses.


Even though you may be comfortable that you are feeding your dog the right food, most of the food brands contain meat byproducts, fillers, various chemicals and preservatives. These ingredients have no healthy nutrients at all hence they are stored in the tissues because the body does not know what to do with them.

For that reason, you need to read on the ingredients list so as to understand the type of food you are feeding your dog. Be aware that the food you buy is a commercial product advertised either on TV or radio or newspaper or any other form of advertisement.

By studying keenly the ingredient formula, you will be amazed on how unhealthy the food is. Because of that, it is important to feed your dog different types of food with unprocessed ingredients such as meat, vegetables, omega 3 oil, minerals, flax seed oil and other healthy foods to boost the energy and immune system of your dog.

After giving your dog healthy foods, compliment it with quality supplements. This is because, much of the food you find around is not healthy like it was in fifty years back because of mineral deficiency in the soil and a lot of pollution on the environment. Examples of the supplements you can give your dog include:

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