Safety tips for travelling with your dog

Going on a roadtrip or air travel for a holiday comes along with a lot of fun and excitement but you can’t afford to look at your canine friend’s sad face when you consider leaving them alone. They should too experience the fun and you

will also miss their companionship when away. Therefore, we got some safety travel tips that will make it easier for to travel with your dog without much worry on them getting hurt, mishandled or sick.


Get a dog ramp

First of all, you need to relieve yourself from the strain of lifting your dog, especially the large breeds, when getting them to your car or to higher places. A dog ramp is an inclined platform that will help your dog walk theirself from the ground to higher places. This will also help avoid potential injuries to the dog when lifting them to the car. Further reading: Best ramp brands.

Research on laws of travelling with dogs

There are various laws that vary from place to place on how you should handle your dog in cars. Do a detailed research on your trip’s destination and the places you will travel through to get to know the laws so you don’t end up paying hefty fines. Ignorance is never an excuse for breaking laws.

Keep your dog in the back

It is not safe to drive around with your dog on the passenger seats as you don’t know the dog’s next innocent move that would lead to an accident. Also incase of an accident, the dog may get seriously injured as even airbags won’t help them. You can get special pet barriers to keep them safe at the back.

Carry food and water

Keep your dog well fed and nourished through out the trip but you should avoid feeding the dog while the car is in motion as it can make your dog carsick.


Book a direct flight

Try as much as possible to book a direct flight as stopping in different states can cause problems since the laws vary on handling of pets. Also it avoids unnecessary mishandling in different planes.

Get a standard shipping crate

The shipping crate should be large enough for your dog to move around freely and comfortably. It should also have good beddings to absorb the shock in cases of an accident or during handling.
Further reading: Wikipedia.


Whether you are travelling, there are safety tips that should apply to all cases.

Health check

Take your dog to your vet and get proper documentation on rabies injection and to show your dog is healthy.


Make sure your dog has the proper identification details on its leash or tag. This include the name of the dog, your contact details, address and telephone number to your destination if possible. Incase the dog gets lost, it will be easier for you to find them. You should also have a photograph of your dog. Here you can get identification tags.

Now you can safely enjoy the companion of your canine friend when travelling.

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